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Product Performance


Crop Protection


RD4AG offers personalized field trial services for demonstration, product development and GLP Registration, done in the strictest confidence on an extensive variety of crops and pests.


Efficacy for Insecticide, Miticide, Fungicide and Herbicide development


Biopesticides including USDA regulated article testing


Crop Safety


Seed Treatments


Plant Growth Regulators


Multiple application technologies including small scale drip injection, backpack, airblast, tractor-mounted, and high clearance equipment


Contract labor resources available for large scale trials requiring field crews for yield evaluations or other labor intensive events.


Contact us to discuss your crop protection research needs.



RD4AG offers personalized Agronomic Research services. We have the personnel and ability to fulfill all of your field, forage, vegetable, grape and citrus testing needs:


Fertility, water optimization, drought, salt and heat tolerance field trials


Seed treatment and biological efficacy testing


Significant experience conducting trials focusing on Plant Health Effects of novel technologies


Variety Trials


Pollination Services


Multiple irrigation regimens including drip, sprinkler, furrow and flood irrigation


Contract labor resources available for large scale trials requiring field crews for pollination, yield evaluations, or other labor intensive events.


Contact us to discuss your agronomic research needs.




Regulatory Service -  GLP

Regulatory Service -  USDA Regulated Trials

We have been doing FIFRA GLP work for over 25 years. At RD4AG we pride ourselves on our facility maintenance and strict compliance and training procedures for staff to ensure your data is accounted for as precisely as possible. We have the experience, equipment, and team to conduct almost any trial according to the standard.


EPA FIFRA GLP Registration studies

  • Magnitude of the Residue RAC
  • Decline
  • Rotational
  • Dislodgeable


GLP and BQMS Regulatory Training Services available


We have fully qualified facilities and trained, experienced staff to conduct USDA Regulated trials with compliant stewardship procedures.


USDA regulated article testing for transgenic plants and seeds as well as other regulated organisms.


High isolation available for many crops.


GLP and BQMS Regulatory Training Services available


RD4AG is developing an internal Biotechnology Quality Management System.  We are working with USDA to analyze our critical control points to help us maintain compliance with APHIS regulations.





Regulatory Services

Seed Services

Seed Services—Corn, Sorghum, Beans, and more

Seed Services—Small Grains and Canola


The Yuma Area can produce two crops a year of Corn, Dry Beans and related crops.  We total about 7000 Corn Growing degree units per calendar Year.


  • Corn planted late February matures in early July
  • Corn Planted in early August is mature in December
  • Two crops per season possible—we can do inbreds in the spring and then turn around and do crossing blocks in the fall, or vice-versa!
  • Similar windows for Dry Beans
  • Plenty of heat to accommodate August plantings for Sorghum


Full selfing, cross pollinating, reciprocal crosses, Isolated Crossing Blocks, Isolated Selfing Blocks from a few plants to moderate acreages are possible.


Relative ease of Isolation is the cornerstone of our success.

With an abundance of labor, we can put crews of a few, or a few hundred into the fields as needed.


Hege Tray system available, along with cone planters and an SRES / Monosem vacuum plot planter, allows us to plant any size plot configuration.


Drip Irrigation systems allow very short planting offsets to happen on time, and keeps the field dry for tasks to be completed when appropriate


Machine or Hand harvesting, shelling, drying, cleaning, treating of any size program.  Our range of equipment allows us to handle single ears/heads/plants, up to our 100 Bu/hour Clipper.

Yuma is also an established area for seed crops with brassicas, onions and other vegetables.


Contact us now to see how we can help you with your seed programs!




The Yuma Area has been a “Winter Nursery” for decades


  • Spring Wheat, Barley, Oats planted 1st of Nov harvests in April for northern planting windows
  • Winter Wheat planted in December harvests in June
  • Spring Canola planted late October harvests in April


We can plant, evaluate, rouge, and harvest, clean, treat and package:


  • Single seeds or plants, caged or open field
  • Head rows from 3 to 300 seeds
  • Small plots 10 Square feet and up
  • 1 hectare Breeder plots
  • Larger scale production


We have a Hege tray planting system, cone drills, and specialized larger drills to allow variable row spacing.


We can harvest and clean any size plot


  • Hege 16 Head Thresher
  • Almaco thresher
  • Small and medium sized combines
  • A range of cleaners from small blowers to a 100 bu/hour Clipper


Contact us now to see how we can help you with your seed programs!




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