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At RD4AG we believe in the ability of humankind to find solutions to intractable problems.  To take liberties with a quote, “Never have so few fed so many for so little.”  Those of us in agriculture are proud to be a part of an industry that is fundamentally important to mankind.  But mankind’s numbers are growing, and the resources we have to work with are not, so new and better ways are in order.  There are many brilliant people, working in laboratories and in fields, in private and public sectors, searching for those new ways.  How do we grow wholesome, safe, affordable food while protecting our precious resources of clean air and water and wildlife and wilderness?  The answer to that question comes in a multitude of forms, but the exciting news is that there ARE answers, and here at RD4AG we are excited to be a part of finding them.  As partners in research with dozens of companies, we are proud to say that we are truly “Developing Tomorrow’s Agriculture.”

As INDEPENDENT researchers, we have no stake, no vested claim, to the benefits of the work we do, nor the profits from the products that we may have a hand in developing.  Our compensation is based on the hours we spend performing the science of research trials, and not on the results of the data.  Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t; that’s how research goes.  We also do not promote, or in any way engage in the promotion or marketing of products that our clients may ask us to develop.  We make no claims for products, except for factually presenting data that we have skillfully gathered.  This independence is fundamental to whom we are.

RD4AG is a small, privately held company consisting of a select group of field scientists who believe in the future.  We are guided by strong ethics, and we work in a friendly, close environment of trust.  Work days are often long, and the climate is often unforgiving, but the work environment is one of family, and that, together with the knowledge that we are good at what we do and what we do is important, makes the days go fast and keeps our spirits high.

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RD4AG began as a fragile concept in the Spring of 1982, as two young people looked for a road to a meaningful future.  Steve as an agronomist, and Lee an entomologist, were both dedicated to agriculture, and the ideals of working close to the soil.  After exploring numerous options, the idea for West Consulting, Inc. was born.  The two would use their complimentary skills to help farmers.  They would assist in implementation of integrated pest management solutions, fertility management, and overall best practices to improve farm profitability by integrating new technologies. The company was formed and situated in the San Luis Valley of South-central Colorado, and in 1983 the first season saw great success as the pair became established in the area.  It was barely a year later when Lee was approached to conduct an efficacy trial on potato early blight, and thus was born RD4AG, (although the name would not be used as a dba for several more years).  Lee grew the research services division of the company until, in 1989, the advent of GLP spurred a growth of the research business such that Steve closed most of the consulting operations and joined Lee full time.  Thirty-one years after the opening the doors for the first time, the company is still going strong, always looking to bring new technologies into agriculture.  Now based in Yuma, Arizona, the couple sees more opportunities than ever to expand the business and the services it offers to help develop tomorrow’s agriculture.



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