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We're Passionate About Seed Services


RD4AG is committed to providing excellent agronomic services for a broad range of crops such as corn, canola, wheat, dry beans, cotton, sorghum, sunflowers and soybeans etc.


We offer seed treatments evaluations, regulated and non-regulated trials, nurseries and isolations,  seed production and variety trials.


Our desert environment offers the opportunity for screening for many much-needed agronomic traits such as salt, drought, heat tolerance fertility and offers breeding services.


Our agronomic team experts are dedicated and passionate about the service we provide to our customers which helps in “Developing Tomorrow’s Agriculture.


Visit us at ASTA to discuss your agronomic research needs. We're on stand 1317 (Close to Almaco). We look forward to seeing you there.


Download our Seed Services Brochure here

Or visit our resources page for details on individual crops.

RD4AG & Biostimulants

Success In Biostimulant Trials


 As agriculture evolves, our understanding of how to make plants produce more, their interactions with environment, and where they live, evolves. The new frontier is to better stimulate plants to grow and produce more efficiently. The promise of such products, whether they are microbial, fertilizer, PGR or any of the multitude of technologies which can have a positive impact on plant growth, is beginning to come true.


As our understanding of these products advances, so do our methods to test them. Most of these products perform best in conditions of moderate stress, be that salt, moisture, heat, cold, fertility, etc. They seldom are able to show their potential in the high fertility, well irrigated situation of production agriculture. This is especially true in the specialty crops, where no effort is intentionally spared to get maximum production. Testing these products effectively is as much art as science.


Our team has been at the forefront of this type of testing for decades, and Steve West was one of the Keynote Speakers at the 44th Annual meeting of the Plant Growth Regulation Society of America, discussing this challenging topic.. Our blog also has a current discussion on the objectives and nuances of drought trials.


See our recent blog post on running  successful drought trials by clicking here

and our Biostimulants fact sheet here

Opportunities For Motivated Professionals At Our Yuma Facility


As we move towards our most productive growing season we have new opportunities for a number of people to help us achieve our research goals.


What:    Vegetable & Field Crops Research Farm Grower positions and a Plot Care Technician.


Who:     Dynamic ag professionals who love figuring out how to create success out of challenges


Where:  The agriculturally intensive Yuma Valley of Arizona


Why:      Because the quality of the field plot is the foundation of good research and the availability of the right equipment at the right time helps make it happen.


When:   Available immediately, it’s Winter veggie & seed grow-out season NOW in the Desert Southwest!


How:    For more information visit our Opportunities Page or Click Here.



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